Your questions answered

Where can we reach the customer service?

You can reach us at:

Where is your team located?

Biggest part of our team is located in China and the Netherlands.

What’s your role? Are you Tencent?

We are overseas official partner of Tencent. Our team supports Tencent with building Qlippie brand overseas.

Who is Tencent?

They belong to the top internet companies globally just after Google, Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Tencent’s instant messaging platforms Wechat & QQ have over 1 billion users monthly. In China Tencent ranks number 1, ahead of Alibaba. Check out:

Why did Tencent design Qlippie Live

Daily, via their instant messaging platform hundreds of millions of photos and videos are shared. We thought is was about time to come up with a smart camera to increase user experience and to simplify sharing via social media and to come up with an accessible live stream function.

I saw a Qlippie which is already sold online?

Yes; Qlippie Q1 is first generation Qlippie. This is mainly sold within China.
Starting from October 18, Qlippie Live is available via our website. Qlippie Live is the 2nd generation. More advanced, better Live stream function (also 4G added), more various sharing options, new cover sticker designs. Qlippie Q1 won’t be available anymore.

I read that Tencent is Worlds biggest gaming company?

Yes Tencent is World’s biggest gaming company.

When Qlippie Live has new features in the future; do I need to buy a new device?

When cool new features come out in the future; it can be added to your Qlippie Live with a firmware update. This can be simply done via Wi-Fi connection.

Are you offering warranty?

Yes. We are offering one year warranty.

From where do you ship and do you ship globally?

Yes we ship globally. We ship from Shenzhen, China. Close to Tencent HQ and manufacturing base. This will be coordinated by Dutch and Chinese pros. Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong; which is an convenient international logistics hub.

How long does shipment take?

In general it takes between 7 – 15 days to most locations globally.
Middle East, Latin America, Africa takes 20 – 50 days with standard shipment. There are limited good shipping solutions from China to these continents. We created an extra shipment perk. Backers can chose; standard shipping is included. For extra fast delivery it’s recommended to opt for the extra shipment perk. Delivery will take 5 working days.

Do I always need to use the Qlippie Live app when taking photos or videos?

No, you can use Qlippie Live stand-alone or in combination with the app. You can chose what you prefer.

What are all the supporting resolutions and fps (frames per second)?

1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps, 720p@90fps.

Are there any slow motion capabilities?

Yes. You can record slow motion video by the App.

Can you take time-lapse videos?

Yes. You can set the camera to time lapse mode and choose the time lapse interval: 0.5s, 2s, 5s,10s, 20s through the app.

Will there be an Android App?

Android and iOS app are available one Google Play and App Store.

How do you know how much power is left in the batteries?

You can see the battery status in the App.

How do you know how much memory is remaining?

You can see the remaining storage status in the App.

Will Qlippie come with the adapter mount to be compatible with GoPro mounts?

Yes. A mounting frame with universal screw hole comes with the Qlippie Live camera.

What is the maximum supported Micro SD card storage?

It has internal 32GB EMMC flash memory. Storage can’t be extended. The device needs to remain user friendly; adding a memory which become to big; will not increase user experience. It’s like a bin, which becomes full. It’s a daily camera. With 32GB you are able to store up to 5000 photos or 10hrs of video.

Will a charging cable come with Qlippie Live?

Yes, each package will include a Micro USB for charging.

Will it have looped recording capability

Yes. If flash memory card is full of contents, then past videos will be overwrote.

What are the ratings for the waterproof case?

15 meters with waterproof case.

Can you stream live video using Qlippie Live?

Yes. You can live stream via router Wi-Fi or mobile phone 4G network.

Is Qlippie compatible with a standard tripod?

Yes. the mounting frame in Qlippie Live package is a standard 1/4 inch screw slot.

How do you control the white balance, or is this automatic?

It’s automatic

How long will it take to completely charge the internal camera battery?

Around 2 hours.

Is there a way to reverse the picture if the camera is upside down?

You can set “Auto Image Rotation” in App setting. Or you can do it manually in the app.

Is the focus automatic? Or is that done also through the screen?

Qlippie Live is focus free.

How would you recommend attaching this to a drone?

By using waterproof casing or using other universal accessories

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth remote?

Qlippie Live provides remote control via 802.11b/g/n 2.4G, which is more stable than Bluetooth.

What is the bitrate of the camera for videos?

H.264 codec.

Does the Qlippie Live offer live preview?

The Qlippie has live preview from iOS and Android App.

What is the Qlippie Live weight?


What is the Qlippie Live sound quality?

Qlippie Live has internal dual microphone and can records stereo ACC audio at 48KHz.

What is your FOV

FOV is122°

Can you adjust the aperture and shutter speed?

Aperture can’t be adjusted. Shutter speed is automatic.

Where can I store the photos and videos?

You can store them in the 32G built-in EMMC flash memory card, or transfer them to another device (Android & iOS Smart phone, tablet pc) via Wi-Fi. Or simply connect your Qlippie Live to your PC.

How long can the battery last at most when recording a video?

Continuous video Recording: 2hours (720p @30fps), Wi-Fi off.

Can you charge and record a video at the same time?


What kind of devices can you use to watch Qlippie live stream?

Android & iOS smartphone, tablet pc or computer.

What devices is the app supported on?

The Qlippie App works with both Android and iOS.

How much will the app cost?

The Qlippie app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

What information does the app share with me?

Qlippie Live App offers full control of your Qlippie camera, for example, auto-interval shooting, time-lapse, slow motion, live streaming, sharing and camera setting. You can also enhance photos with Qlippie App.

Does the Qlippie shoot video and stills?

Qlippie Live can capture 1080p/720p video, time lapses, slow motion, 8MP stills.

Will there be the ability to do software updates to the Qlippie Live camera?

Yes, the Qlippie App reminds you to update firmware for Qlippie Live camera in the setting, then you can update by connecting Qlippie Live with internet-enabled Wi-Fi.

What is the WIFI range?

Roughly 10 meters

What are the advantages Qlippie Live vs. Smartphone?

Clip-and-go design, Qlippie Live is hands free
# Qlippie Live is a dedicated device for video & photo, and sharing
# Qlippie live can live stream to various social media. It is hardware live streaming.
You can live stream to a selected group or to the mass audience.
Smartphone live streaming; also receivers need to install the same live streaming app and only can make use of one single platform. Other solutions in the market; you need to buy expensive supporter equipment.
# Qlippie Live is small and light in weight; Qlippie has auto-interval shooting. Most smart phones don’t have time-lapse or slow motion. And iPhone 5 or higher, you can’t set the speed for time-lapse
# When you shoot a time-lapse with Qlippie Live you can still make normal use of your phone to call or to play Pokemon Go 😉
# During recording you do not need to hold Qlippie Live all the time. Just simply Clip it on your shirt or other.
# Underwater; it is very convenient to make usage of Qlippie Live.

Does Qlippie Live offer 4K?

No, we offer HD; 720p and 1080p. Why?
# Main TV, computer, LCD screens, monitors are below 4K. So if 4K it means you will need to buy extra 4K display equipment if you make usage of 4K camera. Otherwise you can not see the details.
# Main TV channels are using 720p, some use 1080p; main movies on the internet are using 1080p.
# 4K TV which can play 4K videos from internet requires at least 25Mbps bandwidth. It will eat 675GB data if plays a 4K HDR video as per third party estimation.
# 4K video requires big volume storage. 1TB Hard Disk can just save several movies
# Qlippie Live is a daily camera; which is easy to use; 4K makes things complex and less user friendly. At the same time you will need to buy expensive equipment to store, watch and to make proper usage of your content.
# Bare in mind that a big part of cheaper 4K camera’s in real life are not really supporting 4K.